Nazi war economy

why did the economy start to fail 

  • did not think war would start until 1941 
  • Goring had poor relations with army leaders and banks 
  • different military branches needed weapons but this required skilled labourers which meant production was slow 
  • Goring was not educated in finacial policies , he wanted to build an economic empire 
  • different versions of the same weapon were designed which made standardisation difficult 
  • Hitler thought Britain and France would accept the invasion of Poland 

what did they do to try to help the economy 

  • introduced rationing in 1939 
  • Germany had not become self sufficient which meant they had to import things such as oil which was greatly needed for the Luftwaffe 
  • countries like Swizerland and Sweadon sent resources like food to Germany as they were a nuetral country 
  • Hitler thought that by acquiring Lebansraum that he would also get the raw materails he needed. for instance, the Ukrain was a part of Russia that would give Germany grain 
  • when France was taken over they aquired military weapons 
  • Germany rpoved efficent at producing tanks at a rapid rate 
  • the Nazi soviet pact meant that Russia would send Germany foods such as grain while Germany would send them industrial materials 
  • due to rationing less money was spent which meant more money was in the bank which the Nazis could borrow to finance the war 
  • after operation Barbarossa in Russia Germany aquired a lot of tanks 
  • economic situation and the demands of war lead…


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