Naturally the Foundation will Bear Your Expenses

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Naturally the Foundation will Bear Your Expenses

Overview of meaning: It is either about a persona- other readers say that it is Larkin but I disagree. This persona is harsh and cold and very unfeeling. He talks of rememberance Sunday as if it is nothing and tries to show off about the people he knows and the literature that he has read. This man is well travelled as he is flying away and also is an academic. It is a peice of satire that mocks those who think they are so above others. 

Themes: Journeys, Time and its passing, War, Place, Humour, Social critisism 

Structure: A, B, A ,B, C, D, C, D- see saw rhythms like a nursery rhyme- satriarchal verse form is very childlike, which is ironic as he is trying to sound so educated and sophisticated and accuses the processions of being "makwish nursery games". Writers who use two words in a rhyme usually do so for comic effect


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