Natural Selection

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Natural Selection

  • Another name for this is survival of the fittest
  • The theory was thought of by Charles Darwin
  • It is when individuals with the characteristics most suited to their environment will survive long enough to breed and reproduce
  • These characteristics are caused by mutations (a change in their genes)
  • Over many generations the useful mutation will be passed down through…


Abi Hiks





Most of what you have written is great, however:

"This does not happen with humans"

This statement is simply incorrect.

We are not unlike all other living organisms, and mutations occur in our DNA as they would in other species. The reason (i think) people claim evolution doesn't occur in humans is because it happens at a rate we simply don't observe.

But if you ever needed to see some of mankind's evolutions over time i think this link may highlight a few for you.

most of them features have no apparent use for humans anymore, but its clear to see these features do highlight evolutionary changes in humans e.g. the goosebumps (we have evolved from hairy species' - with goosebumps as a form of defence, to the creatures we are today)

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