Natural Law

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ST.THOMAS AQUINAS - believed everything has a purpose (telos), believed little was gained from blind faith. Absolutist theory : (can be applied everywhere)

Started by ARISTOTLE and developed by AQUINAS.

Origins from Stoicism. The Stoics believed thatdestructive emotions resulted from errors in judgement

NATURAL LAW - AQUINAS:- This understanding of God's plan for us built into our nature at creation

  • Everything has a purpose and function
  • Supreme good (Eudaimonia) is found when this purpose is fulfilled
  • The final cause can be achieved by living a life of reason
  • Aquinas said humans are made in the "image and likeness of God" so the supreme good is a development of this image of perfection.
  • The use of reason can discover the laws that lead to human flourishing
  • By employing their power of reason, humans are putting themsleves in touch with natural law


1) ETERNAL LAW - Mind of God which humans don't really know anything about. God keeps everything in the universe going…


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