Nationalism and History= John Cloakley

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  • Archaeology= justifying contemporary claims to disputed territory
  • 'The Land of Promise'- Israel
  • Palestinian textbooks= Palestinans claim to the ownership of Israel.
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus= challenging to create a national identity.
  • 'banal nationalism'= values= everyday life.
  • Study of Spain= failure to invent 'a national history that is more than the sum of the separate histories of component nationalities'.
  • Myths of Origin= the birth of the nation= Norway, Denmark, Poland an Hungary= converted from Paganism to Christianity= 'the nation's birth certificate'. 
  • Myths of development=
  • The Golden Age= Czechs- the reign of Charles IV, King of Bohemia n 1357-78.
  • The Serbs= golden age= reign of Stefan Dusan(1331-55)= large swathe of the Balkans.
  • Irish golden age= Ireland, 'island of saints and scholars'= bright torch in the Europe= sent missionaries to convert Europeans.
  • The Dark Age= era of oppression= was brief or almost non-existent.
  • Norman Invasion of Ireland in 1169= subordination to neighbouring Island= 'English' oppression.
  • Independence of the Czech lands was undermined= Battle of the White Mountain in 1620= resulted in teh


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