Napoleon's rise to power in 1799

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Napoleon's attributes and reputation

Napoleon was considered to be a safe general, because he was more of a Jacobin.

So this gave him more popularity among the people, and was a reason as to why Sieyes chose Nap. to act as enforcer of the Coup.

Nap. himself came to national attention after his role during the siege of Toulon, where he was promoted to Brigadier General (Aged 24). (1793)

Thus enhancing his reputation amongst people of Fr. Helping him come to power eventually?

However: had Nap. been in the right place at the right time? Was this all down to his ability?

It could be said Nap. made use of his connections. E.g Salicetti- who put Nap. in charge of the artillery at Toulon. Allowing Nap. to climb the social ladder in Fr.

Furthermore Nap. was able to advance his career through his role in crushing the Vendemiaire uprising (1795) with a 'whiff of grapeshot'. Link 2 role of the army.

As a result of Vendemiaire Nap. was promoted to Commander of the Army of the Interior. Therefore increasing his social standing in Fr.

Nap. himself was very charismatic, after being given control of the Army of Italy, he inspired a demoralised army 2 victory. His victories therefore overshadowed the ever weakening Directory.

His military ability which was demonstrated in Italy (1796-97) seperated Nap. from other Fr. generals. After he knocked Piedmont out of the war, he forced the Austrians to retreat from Italy.

Nap. also earned the loyalty of the Army of Italy through proper payment and booty.

Nap.'s political ability was established at the Treaty of Campo Formio 1797, making the Austrians sign a treaty with Fr. showing Nap.'s independence from the Directory.

Nobody profited more than Nap. himself from a 'career open to talents' Link to the Revolution, which forced out the nobility from officers' ranks, lucky perhaps?

The Fr. Revolution provided Nap. an with opportunity to advance his career

His ruthless use of artillery during Vendemiaire + the key role played by Nap.'s loyal grenadiers @ Brumaire, shows that he was willing 2 use military force to seize power, rather than acting democratically or using non-military means to seize power.

Weaknesses of the Directory

The Directory was a product of Revolution. So it was unstable + had opposition from left + right wings. As seen at the Coup…


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