My Example Essay (POWER)

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Power is demonstrated in this text instantly as it is clearly written by a staff member with high authority at the College. This text is an agreement contact, which implies its purpose is to inform, persuade and advise through the fairly formal register accommodated to ease reading for the students. I can establish this through the use of polysyllabic lexis such as ‘necessary’, ‘requirements’ and ‘systematic’ this choice of lexis is simple for the college students to understand, which they must to sign the agreement.

The text uses influential and instrumental power as it is written by someone with a higher status and his or her role plays importance in the agreement. There are many persuasive techniques used in the text such as the use of direct address e.g. ‘you’ which is the implied reader of staff or students. There is repetitive use of the collective pronoun ‘we’ which involves both the college and the students in unity and makes them feel a part of what they are signing up for.




Do we know what grade this would get?

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what grade dis this get?

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my teacher said this is not how we should write our essays. it's too vague



would this get a good grade?

are there any other examples on this website?

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