My character- Rosalia:


Although I never got the part of Maria, I was still given the great part of Rosalia!

In the original play of West Side Story, my character has quite a big part to sing in the song- America alongside Anita.

Rosalina is one of the Shark girls and is mainly known for her sassy personality throughout West Side Story.

More importantly, Rosalia is a homesick Puerto Rican girl, and it is she who sings "America" with Anita. She longs for San Juan, while Anita sings the praises of America. The movie version improves on this greatly, with Bernardo taking Rosalia's lines, with revised lyrics. 

In our version of West Side Story, I didn't sing in 'America'. I decided not to because I believe I wanted to change the way Rosalina was played in the musical. Rosalina


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