My Philosophy of Education


The process of education is highly complicated and involves many aspects. However, the role of a teacher is one of the most prominent in all this procedure because he/she determines what methodology, strategies and learning styles to choose. In addition, learning process depends on the teacher’s understanding of his/her role in education settings and reasons of choosing their profession. Overall, the following aspects constitute certain philosophy of education that a teacher follows in his/her work. The aim of this essay is to present one of the possible philosophies of education and analyze the ways in which it could be used in practice.

The educational philosophy starts with setting big ideas and making expectations about the things that students should acquire in the classroom. The primary idea is that education should be equal for everyone. There are students with different skills and abilities that is why their needs should be taken into consideration. For example, a teacher could provide tasks with various levels of difficulty or create assignments that include different interests. Students should have a challenge and it is impossible without the individual approach to everybody. The curriculum should be formed on the basis of the gathered information about students’ needs. In addition, not only a teacher needs to know about the individual learning style, but also each student should realize how he/she could study better and prepare for classes faster. Apart from educational benefits, this understanding would help everyone to learn that all the people are different and unique.

Another aspect of successful education is realizing by a professional of the reason they teach, and why they chose the subject that they teach. Overall, educating…


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