my la la la last duchess

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My last duchess : context 

set in italian renaisance and is based on a controlling duke 

robert browning 

born in 1812 and died in 1889 in venice 

home schooled 

write his first  poetry aged twelve 

in 1845 he married elizabeth barret their marriage was kept secret as elizabeth father was controlling 

in 1838 went tovisit  italy and ended up living there

my last duchess was published in 1842

however my last duchess is not about his wifecontrolling father remeber that 

my last duchess was writen and published in the victorian era 

3 major areas 


people moved into the city because of the industrial revolution 

attidues to women women role was seen to entertain her husband and stay at home  most important 

theory of evolution went agianst biblical tissue 

women in 1840s when women were married they were the legal properties of their husbands 

women couldnt vote women could not testfiy in court 

it was believed that women were incapable for rational thought 

men were obsessed with the idea of power of a woman 

my last duchesss was set in ferrera italy 

browning was obssessed with italy 

believed that my last duchess was based on alphonso the 2nd 5th duke of ferrera 

wife died on suspicious grounds not


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