Muslims In Human Relationships

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Muslims in Human Relationships - Love and Sex

Islam has very strict views on love and sex. These are based on passages from the Qur'an and Hadith (the saying of the prophet Muhammad) Muslims view sexual intercourse as an act of worship that fulfills emotional and physical needs as well as being procreative. Having children is a way that humans can contribute to Allah's creation.

Sexual intercourse is a gift from Allah and therefore can only take place within a married couple. Islam encourages people to marry and not to lead celibate lives. Marriage places a responsibility on both the husband and the wife to meet each others sexual needs.


Homosexual and lesbian relationships are forbidden by Islam because of the strict rules that sex should only happen between a husband and wife. Some Muslim lawyers stay that this should be punished by death.


Men are not allowed to be alone with women other than their wives in case they are tempted by them. Islam reconised that men and women can both be tempted to have sexual relationships outside of marriage, but any such relationship is forbidden and adultery by




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