Music history 1- Franz Joseph Haydn (Not muscial analysis)


Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Optional notes:

  • Haydn is known as 'The Father of the Symphony'- he standardized symphonic form.
  • Wrote 104 symphonies- 12 in London with Drumroll being the 11th
  • The nickname drumroll represents the drumroll that the Symphony begins with
  • When traveling to London Haydn met young Beethoven, whom Haydn taught a little.


  • Spend a lot of his life working for Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy at Esterhaza as Kapellmeister (Director of music), between 1762-1790
  • Esterhaza is situated in a remote area so Haydn had no musical influences. All of his music therefore had to be original.
  • When Prince Nikolaus died, 1790, Prince Anton come who made…


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