Music GCSE - Chopin: Prelude No.15

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Chopin: Prelude No. 15


          This piece was written by Frédéric Chopin in 1839 and is from the set of works, Op. 28, including 24 preludes in total.

            The piece begins with a lyrical, legato melody in the right hand which features dotted rhythms and some chromaticism and is decorated with ornaments such as an accitura and a turn. In the B section the melody moves to the bass with a narrower range and mostly made up of crotchets and minims and has a stronger tune. The prelude’s mainly made up of four and eight bar phrases.

            It is in ternary form (ABA), the first A section having a lyrical melody in the right hand and quavers in the bass, also including it’s own ABA structure. The b section contrasts to the A section with a new, stronger melody in the bass and quavers in the right hand and also includes build ups to a couple of ff climaxes. The final A section returns to the opening melody but is shorter and finishes with a brief coda.

            The metre is C the same as 4/4 and an unusual rhythmic feature used is the septuplet and also a dectuplet is used. The piece


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