Music GCSE - Bernstein: 'Something's Coming' from West Side Story

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Bernstein: ‘Somethings’s Coming’ from West Side Story


            Something’s Coming was written by Leonard Bernstein for West Side Story in 1957. It was first performed in New York. It would usually be performed in theatres.

            This piece starts in ¾ with a 6/8 feel but throughout the piece it changes between ¾ and 2/4. this piece is very fast and is marked q= 172. It uses syncopation, cross rhythms, push rhythms, off-beats and triplets and the bass has an ostinato.

            The melody is sung by the character Tony, who has a tenor voice. The melody is mainly syllabic and in the A section it is mainly short and snappy and the C section is mainly flowing and long. Tony anticipates the beats, giving the piece


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