Music AoS1: Symphony No. 40 in Gminor, 1st Movement

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What is a symphony:

  • Piece for orchestra with 3 or 4 movements
  • Strings (All), Woodwind (Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons), Brass (2 horns, no trumpets), no percussion, 80 instruments
  • In Gminor- key associated with sadness
  • In sonata form

Sonata Form:

  • ABA
  • First movements in classical period written like this
  • A1=Exposition, B=Development, A2=Recapitulation
  • Exposition: 2 subjects, 1st in tonic Gminor, 2nd in relative major Bbmajor
  • Development: 1st subject developed
  • Recapitulation: Recap exposition, both subject in tonic and developed
  • CODA: Final section, rounds off

Exposition (bars1-100):

  • Sonata
  • Molto…


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