Musculskeletal system

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Axial system- cranium, vertebral coulmn, ribs, sternum

-it is the centre of the body, distinguished from the limbs

-protection, stablise , posture

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Appendicular system- ulna, radius, humerus,fibula, tibia, clavicle scapula, femur, pelvis


Tendons-muscle with bone 

Ligaments- are fibrous elastic, that connect bone to bone (it stablises)


Hinge- flexion, extention

e.g elbow, knee

Ball and socket-flexion, extention, abduction, adduction, rotation

e.g shoulder(between clavicle, humerus there is a ball that rotates 360), pelvis(between femuer,pelvis there is a ball that rotates 360)

(flexion;dorsiflexion, plantar flexion)

Synovial capsule-fibrous, encloses, the joints.

Synovial membrane- produces synovila fluid 

Synovial fluid-lubricates , stablises, nourishes



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