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  • 3 types

    • Skeletal / striated - voluntary
    • Cardiac - involuntary
    • Smooth -  involuntary 

    Myofibrils - single muscle fibre 

    • Consist of a series of sub-units called sarcomeres 

    Thick filaments 

    • Are made up of a protein called myosin 
    • Darker in colour 

    Thin filaments 

    • Made up of a protein called actin 
    • Lighter
    • Around actin filament there are two other proteins called tropomyosin and troponin 

    Secondary form protein

    Filament arrangement 

    • Filaments are arranged in an overlapping pattern 
    • Allows them to slide between each other 

    Sliding filament theory

    Troponin, tropomyosin + calcium 

    • The movement of muscle is caused by an electrical impulse 
      - Neurons connect to muscles at 
    •                    Neuromuscular junctions  
    • At


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