Munich Putsch of November 1923 (3)

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The Beer hall Putsch was Hitlers attempt to ovethrow the Weimar government of Ebert, to establish a right wing nationalistic one in its place.

  • 1923, Chancellor Gustav Stresemann/President Frederick Ebert decided the only way Germany could proceed after hyperinflation was to work with the French.
  • Called of passive resistance in the Ruhr. (As the French were invading, taking raw materials as substitute for reparations they had not payed. This meant the government still payed the workers, but told them to stop working. A 'slap in the face' and humiliation for France.
  • German nationalists thought this was an admittance of guilt for starting the war by Ebert, and they would not tolerate it.
  • Many wing parties gravitated to South Germany (1923), primarily Bavaria.
  • One Nazi party was lead by Adolf Hitler, consisting of 35,000 members by 1923.
  • November 8th and 9th, Hitler used the anger felt against the Berlin government in Bavaria to attempt an otherthrow of the regional government in Munich, hoping the take over of the national government would ensue.
  • On November 8th, Bavarian prime Minister (Gustav Kahr) was addressing a meeting of around 3000 business men at a beer hall in Munich…


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