Munich Putsch and survival and stability of Weimar Republic

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The Munich Putsch 

  • November 1923 Hitler instigated a revolution in Munich 
  • sounded good but poor planning and misjudgement meant failure and imprisonment og Hitler


  • at first Nazis were terrorist group. Hitler assembled young men and storm troopers (former soldiers knows as SA) 
    • hoped revolution would help him take power
  • told SA to get ready to rebel. 4 October Kahr and Lossow called off rebellion 
  • 8 November - Hitler and SA burst into meeting that Kahr and Lossow were holding and at gun point forced them to rebel. they took over army head quarters and offices of local newspaper.
  • 9 November 1923 - Hitler went to Munich hoping their march would be triumphal to take power. Kahr called in police and army. 16 Nazis killed. Hitler fled and was arrested 2 days later


  • 1923 - Nazis had 55,000 members and was stronger than ever before. 
  • Weimar Republic was in crisis and about to collapse 
  • September 1923 - Weimar Republic called general strike 
  • Hitler thought important nationalist politicians would help him
  • Hitler had huge army of storm troopers but knew he would lose them if he didn't give them something to do
  • Hitler wanted to copy Mussolini (Italian facist) who had came tyo power in Italy after marching in Rome


  • Nazi party banned, Hitler unable to speak in public 
  • Hitler imprisoned, wrote 'Mein Kampf' where his…


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