Multi-Store Model of Memory (12 mark answer)

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Outline and Evaluate the Multi Store Model of Memory          (12 Marks)

The multi store model of memory, developed by Atkinson and Shiffrin states we have a structured memory. It explains how information flows from one storage system to another, with three permanent structures in memory. Sensory memory (SM), Short term memory (STM), and Long term memory (LTM). Each memory stage differs in terms of capacity - how much information can be stored, Duration - how long information can be stored, and Encoding - the form in which information is stored. Information recieved through the five senses enters SM. A small fraction is attented to and selected for proccessing in STM, If not not attented to its immediately forgotten. If the information is then actively proccessed, through matinence and/or elaborative rehersal then it may be transfered to LTM…




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