Capacity, coding and duration


1) Capacity- How much information each type of memory store can hold. 

Short term memory= 5-9 items 

Research for this includes Jacobs digit span test, Jacobs gave the participant a list of numbers and they would have to recall them in order. The mean span across all of the participants was 9.3. 

Long term memory= limitless 

2) Encoding- How memories are stored/ what form they are stored in. 

Short term memory- Acoustically (sound)

Baddeley tested two groups of participants, he gave one acoustically similar words and the other acoustically dissimilar words and found that the group with the acoustically dissimilar words remembered more. 

Long term memory- Semantically (meaning) 

Baddeley also tested groups on semantically similar and dissimilar words and found that the semantically dissimilar words were easier to rememeber 

3) Duration- The length of time we can remember information for= 


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