Much Ado About Nothing Contrasting Characters

Character Contrasts:

Beatrice and Hero: 


  • Older, stronger woman
  • Fiercely independent doesn't need a man, her ideal man is a man that doesn't exist. “He who hath a beard is more than a youth and he who hath no beard is less than a man, and he who is more than a youth is not for me and he who is less than a man, I am not for him”
  • Ready to challenge attitudes of a male-dominated society. “I would not he should do me, lest I should prove the mother of fools ”
  • Not afraid to stand up to men “It’s a man’s office, but not yours” (to Benedick)
  • Has fewer family ties, in an unconventional character that is very strong minded.


  • Young, romantic, idealistic woman
  • Passive, patient. Ready to marry whoever her father wishes. As a young girl, she is ignored by Leonato, over Claudio, Don John, Don Pedro - 
  • She has very few lines, representing her role in society, she stands back as other debate and plan her future e.g. marriage, rebirth. “I




Again, fab set of Much Ado Character notes. I would emphasise however, that you could also try to draw comparisons between Don Jon (evil, manipulative, self-centred) and Don Pedro (caring, selfless etc..)



Already commented, but here giving my recommendation to year 10/11 students studying this play.

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