Much Ado About Nothing Context

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What’s  meant by ‘Context’ :

1. Historical Context:

the relationship between the ideas and events in the play and the time when the play was written.

2. Literary Context:

other texts and traditions of which the playwright was aware.

3. Text Context:

where and when the play was set by the playwright.

4. Audience Context:

ways in which interpretation and audience response reflect the different times and places in which the play was performed.

5. Performance Context:

every performance (on stage or screen) is a director’s interpretation of what Shakespeare wrote. A key decision by a director is where and when to set the play.

  • Do NOT need to know about Shakespeare himself.
  • DO need to know about Elizabethan society and ideas and their links to Much Ado.
  • ^ Make perceptive, critical comments about the ways the contextual




gunna try use all your notes for revision for my exam on tuesday lol gl with yours as well :)

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