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Memory defined as The process by which we retain information about events from the past (recent or long term).

Cognitive psychology focuses on psychology in the mind. The mind is seen as a processor.

A MODEL is a representation of a information processing system usually shown in the form of a flow diagram.

  • Atkinson and Shiffrin came up with the multi store memory model in 1968.
    It consists of:


  • information goes not it for a fraction of a second
  • it goes into here first
  • they theorised three sensory stores. The iconic, haptic and echoing stores. Each related to visual, touchy and auditory stimuli.
    P - gave a grid of 12 consonants to participants for a fraction of a second. Then asked them to recall the consonants. When participants acknowledged other consonants, gave them a tone to associate with each line of consonant and asked for this line to be recalled when they heard the tone.
    R - without the tone, participants were only able to recall four consonants from the whole grid. With the tone, participants were able to recall 3 from whichever row they were asked.
    C - concluding that the iconic store allowed them to visualise all three…


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