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Top Tips for Poetry Analysis 

1 WHAT, 2 HOW's 

- What is the poem about?

- Include the poems main ideas and themes of the poem and what messages the poet is trying to get across to the audience. 

For example: 

One of the main themes in 'Hawk Roosting' by Ted Hughes is 'ambition' and 'power.' The poet is trying to get across the idea that the hawk is the most powerful of all species and in a way is infallible. 

- How is the poet trying to get their ideas across?

- This section of the analysis should include the techniques that the poet uses to get their ideas across and how they are using these techniques effectively in the poem. 

For example: 
 In the poem 'Daddy' Plath uses hyperbole to exaggerate the extended metaphor of her father being a 'Nazi.' Plath uses hyperbole


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