Mozambique Floods

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  • It was the result of the knock on effect
  • The flooding was triggered by heav rainfall in South Africa
  • The heavy rain lasted for 5 weeks in South Africa
  • Botswana was particularly hit the worst, receiving 75% of its annual rainfall in about 3 days
  • 2 days later, on the 22nd February 2000, Cyclone Eline hit the very south of Africa, bringing more heavy rainfall 
  • The rain from Botswana and other Southern African countries ran into the river Limpopo, Zambezi and others which flows directly through Mozambique and into the sea
  • However, the water was too much for the rivers and they burst their banks, causing severe flooding in Mozambique.
  • Also, due to the loss of grassland and draining marshland for farms, contributed to the more rapid surface run-off
  • The results were catastrophic: services were cut off and many people were left stranded, homeless or had died through drowning or disease., Urbanisation in South Africa may ahve sasisted the large quantity of surface run-off
  • The capital, Maputo, and Beira, Mozambique's second largerst city, were both flooded completely
  • Cyclone Eline hit the coast of Mozambique


  • Deaths: 700+
  • Missing: 50,000+
  • Cattle Lost: 20,000
  • Food Aid Required: 0.5-1 million people
  • Internally displaced people: 491,000 
  • Crops/Tools lost: 124,000 households
  • Schools destroyed: 630
  • Health Facilities severely damaged: 42 (4 hospitals)
  • Worst Floods for:




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