Moving Image Terminology

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Camera Shots and Angles

Long Shot - Shows the entire shot, typically used to show action in a film

Medium Shot - From the waist up, usually used to introduce a character

Close Up - Shows the characters facial expression

Extreme Close Up - Usually focused on the eyes to add a dramatic effect

Over The Shoulder Shot - Placed behind a chacter to show the back of their head and positioned so it shows who their talking to

Establishing Shot - Typically used at the very start of a film to introduce the main setting for the film

Track - Moving the camera towards, alongside, or away from the subject, or to follow the subject, usually used to give the sense that someone is being followed

Pan Shot - When the camera is moving in one direction and is used to follow a character

POV (Point Of View) Shot - This is used to show how a character is currently viewing something

Arc Shot - The camera spins 360 degrees around an object or character

Reaction Shot - A shot which shows a characters response to a peice of action or dialogue

Low Angle Shot - Shot taken from below which can make a certain character or setting seem more threatening

High Angle Shot - Shot taken from above which makes a certain character or setting seem insignificant

Hang-Held Shot - Shaky and wobbly camera which has no tripod, typically used to give a sense of immediacy and naturalism, and is commonly used to show someone running away from something


Wide-Angle Shot - This shot is taken with wide-angle lens creating an effect which




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