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The skeleton provides the body with a strong and reliable means of support.

The skeleton provides a framework for the bodies muscles to attach to.

The brain is protected by the skull. The heart is protected by the rib cage. The lungs are protected by the rib cage. The spinal cord is protected by the spinal column.

Ball & Socket Joint (Hip and Shoulder) - 

The ball and socket joint allows movement in 3 different planes.

Hinge Joint (Knee & Elbow) - 

The hinge joint allows movement in plane.

Joints are held together by strong cords called ligaments.

The ends of the bone that meet a joint are covered with a layer of smooth called cartilage.

The cartilage cushions and protects ends of bones, absorbs shock and helps to allow free movement of joints.

Ligaments lash bones firmly together while being able to with-strand sudden


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