Mount St Helens Case Study

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Mount St. Helens Case Study


Mount St Helens is an active volcano in Washington in the North-west of the United States.

What happened?

On the 18th May 1980 at 8:32am, an earthquake caused the entire north face of the volcano to collapse (which was the biggest landslide recorded in history). This sent 8000 million tonnes of rock, ash, steam an pumise crashing down the mountain at 670mph.



·         57 people killed

·         200 homes destroyed

·         300km of main roads destroyed

·         Residents left without some amenities for a while (e.g. Water treatment, electricity and sewage removal damaged)

·         Residents also suffered emotional stress.


·         15km² of timber was destroyed.

·         Agriculture downwind of




lots of great information! thank you very much :)

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