Mother Any Distance Poem

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-varified sonnet, suggests son has strong feelings of love and attatchment

-enjambment reflects unreeling of tape/makes lines appear longer,perhaps reflection of how long a mother/son relationship lasts/how distance between them is increasing


-extended metaphor of measurement of distance, represents how mother and son were both really close, but are gradually moving apart

-'acres of the walls and praries of the floors'-image of vast space, will be exciting to explore/could be daunting, space conjures up images of isolation

-'any distance greater than a single span/requires a…


Lucy Ballantyne


This was really helpful! Thankyou x

Edward Pinches


helpful thanks any suggestions on what to compare it with? x



Thankyou for the comments :) You could compare it with 'Kid', which is another poem about getting older, 'before you were mine'/ 'on my first sonne' because they're both about parent/child relationships. Or you could compare it with 'Anne Hathaway' because of the imagery, or perhaps another poem in the 1st person. Just think of other poems that are similar in some way. Hope I helped :)

Edward Pinches


yes thanks :) i thnk ill look at with on my first sonne and before you were mine! great resources btw! :) x



this was pretty decent .. thanks >_<

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