mother any distance

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mother any distance

poem is about the narrator breaking free into the real world and leaving his mother behind so he can experienceindependence and freedom.

form, structure and language

poem is written loosely in form of a sonnet which is traditionaly used for love poetry which shows the poet still loves his mother. there is an irregular rhyme scheme which reflects the narrators feelings of uncertainty

there is language relating to measurement which creates an extended metaphor. the language relating to movement shows he is breaking away from his mother and exploring a new world

the poem is paradoxical becayse the narrator can only become independent with the help of his mother

feelings and attitudes


narrator is excited about his independant life


worried by the thought of being on his own and whether he will succed or not without his mother


the narrator and his mother have a strong bond which will not break when he leaves her


the narrator appreciates his mothers help and security but needs to be able to rely on himself to grow and become independent



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