More on static electricity


Static electricity can cause little sparks or shocks

1) Clothing crackles:-
When synthetic clothes are dragged over each other (e.g. in a tumble drier) or over your head, electrons get scraped off leaving static charges on both parts. This leads to the inevitable - attraction (stick together) and little sparks as the charges rearrange themselves.

2) Car shocks:-
Static charge can also build up between your clothes and a synthetic car seat - the friction between the two causes electrons to be scraped off. Then, when you get out of the car and touch the metal door, the charge flows and it can give you a shock. Some cars have conducting strips which hang down behind the car. This gives a safe discharge to each.

3) Shocks from door handles:-
If you walk on a nylon carpet wearing shoes with insulating soles, there will be a transfer of electrons from the carpet to you and charge will build up on your body. Then if…


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