More Play Features Part 2.


When you read Shakespeare plays, it helps if you imagine what would be happening if they were being said by actors on stage. Luckily, you get some clues as to what would be going on.

Stage Directions give a few clues.

Stage directions show the actors what to do, when to come in and when to leave the stage.


[Enter Lady Capulet]

LADY CAPULETWhat, are you busy, ho? Need you my help?

JULIETNo, madam, we have culled such necessaries

As are behoveful for our state tomorrow.

So please you, let me now be left alone,

And let the Nurse this night sit up with you,

For I am sure you have your hands full all,

In this so sudden business.


Get thee to bed and rest, for thou hast need



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