This isn't about someone having a sulk in the corner - it's about how a text makes you feel.

The Mood of a Text is how it makes you Feel.

The writer uses language to create the mood in a piece of text. A text can make us feel happy, sad or even scared... Boo!

Look for Devices that Create the Mood.

When you read a text, look for words that make you feel a certain emotion. That will help you to work out the mood of the text.

1) For example, the writer's language can create a positive or happy mood in the text.

e.g. Feeling jubilant, Kay let himself freewheel down the hill, the wind blowing triumphantly through his hair. The birds whistled in the trees, cheering him on. He grinned. He was going to win now, without a doubt.

Words like 'jubilant' and


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