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Monosaccharides consist of just one single sugar. They are the simplest type of sugar, therefore it is not possible to split them into any simpler kind. Monosaccharides dissolve in water to form sweet solutions. Examples of Monosaccharides include: Glucose, Fructose, Galactose

• Pentose sugars only appear in combination with larger molecules such as DNA = deoxyribosenucleic acid, where deoxyribose is a pentose sugar.

• Hexose sugars are the most significant, with the most well known hexose being glucose.

• The names of all sugars end with 'ose'

• The molecular formula for a hexose is C6H12O6 but these elements can be arrranged in three different ways, which are called structural formulae or displayed formulae.

• The structural/displayed formulae allows you


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