Moles calulations 2 for edexcel

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hope they help !

moles is an amount of a substance and they are shown in a chemical equation by the big numbers on the equation

to work out moles of a solid or a pure liquid divde the mass you are given in the question by the RMM of the molecule

for a liquid solution you MUST USE CM cubed divide that by 1000 and then times it by the concentration of the solution

for a gas you divide the volume by the molar volume which at room temp is 24dm cubed - but it will always tell you on the question paper

here is a worked example of each

CH4 +2O2= CO2 +2H2O

find out the amount of CO2 produced when 64 grams of methane in burnt

first we need to work out the molar ratio ( looking at the big numbers )

CH4:CO2 = 1:1 - what this tells us is that there are…


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