Moles 1

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i hope this helps you out i have other chemistry stuff up too so have a look

the avagadro constant is the number of molecules or atoms in a mole of a substance this is a constant figure which is 6.02*10 to the power of 23 it is the number of atoms in 12g of carbon 12

you can use this figure to work out the number of atoms in a given mass of a substance for example

6g of C would have half the number of atoms in as 12g ( which is the same as the atomic number and the number of grams in  a mole) so the answer is 3.01*10 23

you can use the advogadro constant and divide by the ram to tell you the number of atoms in a molecule and scale up by the number of grams you have

but how does this work with diatoms ?

you just use the RMM so for O2 you use 32 but make sure to look whether they want the number of…


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