Mojave Desert (Rich Hot Desert) - Case Study

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The Mojave Desert is situated in the west of the USA. It is the USA's smallest and driest desert which has 15-25cm per year. Las vegas is a city built in this desert. It is a fast growing city - the populalation is expected to double in 40 years.

The desert is used by:

  • Tourists visiting areas such as Death Valley and Las Vegas.
  • Military testing of airplanes and to train troops.
  • Commercial Farming.
  • Hiker and rock climbers.
  • Off road vehicles making use of the varied terrain.
  • Solar and wind energy generation.

Film makers attracted by the scenery.

  • Retired people - Las vegas is a rapidly growing retirement site.


  • Off-road Vehicles - These damage the sensitive desert cover. Driving off-road veicles in the desert damages the vegetation severely in areas that are regularly driven on. It…


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