Modernity and Mass Incarceration

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Antiquity to Renaissance

  • Punishment has changed over time
  • Role of prisons
  • Narrowing forms of punishment
  • Used to have death penalty, public shamming and banishment
  • Punishments used to be public
  • Punishments used to be on the body- physical punishments such as beatings, etc

Medival England

  • Became custodial, more coercive and punitive
  • Rise of capitalism meant mass urban poor
  • Rise in work houses 
  • Rise in deviance
  • Punishment seen as sybolic- used to send a message to other deviant individuals

Emergence of Modern Prisons

  • "Houses of Correction"
  • Confinement and forced labour
  • A non-judicial institute
  • Often used as a poor relief

1779 Penietary


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