Modern World History Notes

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The treaty of Versailles was created after world war 1 to try and improve the conditions of countries all across the world, It was also used to try and prevent any future wars which may occur. It was also used to punish Germany and get them to take the blame for the damage they cause in the first world war.

The treaty was down to the team work of three countries, France, Britain and USA, these were also known as the big three : George Clemenceau - France, David Lloyd George - Britain and Woodrow Wilson - USA.

The treaty was signed on the 28th June, 1919 in the Palace Of Versailles.
The terms were as follows:

  • The German army was restricted to 100,000 men
  • The German navy was restricted to 6 battleships and no submarines
  • Germany were not allowed to have an air force
  • Germany weren't allowed to join the Covenant of The League Of Nations
  • Germany had to accept full responsibility for causing the mass of damage caused in the 1st world war
  • Germany had to pay reparations, which were set to 6.6 billion
  • Alsace Lorraine was given to France
  • North Schleswig was given to Denmark
  • Eupen and Malmedy was given to Belgium
  • Posen, Silesia and West Prussia was given to Poland
  • Germany was forbidden from unification with Austria
  • The Rhineland was demilitarised
  • Germany lost all her colonies and was given to mandates to Britain and France
  • The Saar coalfields were given to France for 15 years
  • Danzig became a free port ran by the League Of Nations
  • Memel was given to Lithuania

The Impact On Germany:

  • Could not afford reparations
  • Did not accept defeat
  • Didn't accept guilt for starting the war
  • Lost industrial areas and could not afford to rebuild
  • They were suffering an economic crisis
  • Lost pride with armed forces
  • Lost colonies
  • Saw other countries
  • Saw other countries weren't disarming
  • Many germans now living under foreign rule in 'new' countries

Other Peace Settlements:

  • Treaty Of Saint Germain - 10th September 1919
  • Treaty of Neuilly…


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