Modern Day Support For The Design Argument For God's Existence

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1. The Anthropic Principle:

F.R Tennant argues:

  • Developed the principle in his book philosophical theology.
  • Accepts evolution and designer is God.
  • It would be possible to imagine a chaotic universe in which no rules applied. However, the universe is evidently not chaotic, it was designed in such a way through the evolutionary process you get an environment in which intelligent life can exist.
  • If the universe was chaotic life might have happened but it is less likely. Our universe is ordered and everything is just right for life in our universe because God is behind this and behind evolution.

2. Aestethic (beauty) Argument:

F.R Tennant argues:

  • There is beauty in the universe it is not just ordered but its also beautiful and this supports existence of God argument. Humans have the ability to see beauty in things and have the ability to appreciate beauty, cultural appreciation in art, music, poetry etc.
  • Dawkins would argue against F.R Tennant and say that appreciation is neccessary for survival and it is only for the purpose of passing on a persons genes, it is a…


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