Modern Studies World Power:USA

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World Powers: The USA

Political Structure

Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances

There are 3 branches of government in America:

1- The Executive – The President enforces and carries out laws

2- The Legislative Branch – Congress makes laws

3- The Judicial Branch – The Supreme Court interprets the laws

The separation of powers is set up to ensure that the three branches do not make decisions independently. All 3 branches must agree on the proposed change before making a final decision. This is called checks and balances.

The US President 

The US President plays an important part in the three branches. He or she:

  • Can suggest policy to Congress
  • Approve of any policy that Congress presents
  • Is head of the Executive
  • Can appoint judges to the Supreme Court

The president has specific roles in which they obtain when sworn into presidency. These include:

  • Head of State (Chief representative of America)
  • Chief Executive (Executes the laws, appoints officials, grants amnesties)
  • Chief Legislator (Approves legislation, introduces legislation and works with Congress)
  • Commander-In-Chief (Can deploy the armed forces, in charge of armed forces) 

Democracy in the USA

Citizens in Politics

American citizens can participate in politics through a number of ways.


Ethnic Minorities in Politics

In the USA, white Americans are more likely to participate in politics as a whole. Many ethnic minorities experience poverty and feel that their vote will not influence America or their life. In a large amount of cases, some minorities cannot vote due to not being American citizens by law, and living in the…


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