Modern Periodic Table

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When the Periodic Table was first released 

Many scientists thought it was just a bit of fun. At the time there wasn't much evidence to suggest that the elements really did fit together in that way-ideas don't get scientific stamp of approval without evidence.

After Mendeelev's work, newly discovered elements fitted into the gaps he left. This was convincing evidence in favour of the Periodic Table.

With more evidence, many more scientists realised that the Periodic Table could be a useful tool for predicting properties of elements. It really worked.

In the late 19th century, protons, neutrons and electrons were discovered. The Table matches up well tp what's been discoverd about the structure of the atom. It is now accepted that it's a very important and useful summary of the structure of atoms.

The Modern Periodic Table is Based on the Electronic Structure 

When E, P, N were discoverd the periodic


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