Models of Memory

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Multi-store model of memory

· Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed this model. The model identifies three stores and how information is passed between these stores

· Information enters the Sensory Memory. If attention is paid to the information, it is transferred to short-term memory.

· It is stored here briefly – verbal rehearsal maintains information in STM. Continued rehearsal creates long-term memories (LTM)

· Material may be retrieved from LTM via STM for recall or further processing.

The structure of memory;

1. Sensory memory – The sensory form of a stimulus remains unaltered in the mind for a brief time. This could be an auditory or visual trace. It is rapidly lost through spontaneous decay.

2. Short term memory – Information receives minimal processing. It is relatively limited in capacity (it holds about seven items) and rapidly decays unless it is maintained through rehearsal. It may be held in a visual or auditory form (code), through it is mainly…


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