Models of Memory

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Multi-Store Model


Encoding- The way in which information is represented in the memory store, e.g. by sound, meaning or image. 

Capacity- The amount of information that can be held in memory at any one time. 

Duration- The length of time that memories can be held. 


Sensory Memory-

Definition- A set of limitied capacity, modality-specific stores that hold information for a very brief period of time.  

Encoding- Information is encoded by the 5 sub-divisions (senses) e.g. touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. 

Capacity- Very limited. 

Duration- Fractions of a second.

Short-Term Memory-

Definition- A temporary store where small amounts of information can be kept for breif periods. It is a fragile store and informaton can be easily lost. 

Encoding- Information is encoded acoustically. 

Capacity- Can hold up to 5-9 items (+7 - 2 = Magical Number, evidence from Millers study).


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