model of breakdown (rollie+duck 2006)

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A Model of Breakdown (Rollie and Duck, 2006)

Keeping it personal

The first phrase of this model begins when one of the partners becomes distressed with the relationship. This realisation is the first step in the eventual breakdown of the relationship. This leads to an intrapsychic process characterised by a brooding focus on the relationship. During this process, nothing is said to thepartner, although the dissatisfied partner may express their dissatisfaction in other ways, like a personal diary entry. Some people will end relationships without ever discussing the dissatisfaction with their partner. In the dyadic process, however, people confront their partners and begin to discuss their feelings and the future. At this stage, the relationship might be saved, or partners begin to involve others in their dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Going public

Up to this point, partners may have kept their dissatisfaction fairly private, but it now spills over to a network of family and friends as it reaches the social process. Others may take sides,


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