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Moby, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?


·         The dynamics do not noticeably change, but they do get slightly louder as more parts are added in.

·         There is one bar towards the end of the piece that is very quiet, and only has one low pedal point playing through it.


·         4/4 time signature

·         The rhythms are very similar because the same samples are used.

·         The piano plays two different samples, one straight chords, and one playing rhythmic chords.


·         98 crotchet beats per min.

·         Fairly fast tempo throughout.


·         The album ‘Play’ was released in 1999

·         Moby used Cubase to compose/make the song.


Samuel Richardson


These notes are a great introduction to 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?' by Moby. Don't forget to revise using these note alongside some more detailed contextual information. 



i think that this is a great revise notes since I have my exam in a couple weeks time

GCSE revision killing me


Don't know is this is worth pointing out but be careful not to confuse harmony with tonality when revising, I'm pretty sure mention the key being A minor/C major is tonality not harmony. Apart from that very useful

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