Moby Analysis

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Moby, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?


·         The dynamics do not noticeably change, but they do get slightly louder as more parts are added in.

·         There is one bar towards the end of the piece that is very quiet, and only has one low pedal point playing through it.


·         4/4 time signature

·         The rhythms are very similar because the same samples are used.

·         The piano plays two different samples, one straight chords, and one playing rhythmic chords.


·         98 crotchet beats per min.

·         Fairly fast tempo throughout.


·         The album ‘Play’ was released in 1999

·         Moby used Cubase to compose/make the song.


Samuel Richardson

These notes are a great introduction to 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?' by Moby. Don't forget to revise using these note alongside some more detailed contextual information. 


i think that this is a great revise notes since I have my exam in a couple weeks time

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