Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad

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·         2 main vocal voices: 1 male and 1 female

·         Vocal editing used on both voices

·         Male: Taken from a 1950s gospel sample

·   Mainly syllabic with melisma used at the end of each phrase

·   Balanced phrasing

·   Small range G-D

·   Moves by 3rds up and down to create the melody

·   2nd line is created by moving the first phrase up a step and repeating the second with slight alterations

·         Female: “These open doors” – chorus voice

·   Falling pitch

·   Mellismatic

·   Balanced phrasing

·   High C to E – small range

·   Mainly step wise (conjunct) with a few 3rd jumps

·   Ornamented slightly

·         Counter melody – A4 where the synthesiser creates a countermelody- call and response style?

·         Completely diatonic

·         Lyrical lines contrast

·         Developed using technology and by layering or taking away other parts

·         Ideas are repeated throughout – looped


·         Longer note lengths in melody

·         Syncopation – piano chords

·         Straight rhythms – first piano section


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