mixtures and separation techniques

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a mixture is a substance made up by 2 or more compounds/elements which are not chemically bonded

the properties of a mixture are a mixture of the properties of the components

the chemical properties of a substance arent affected by it being in the mixture

mixtures arent chemically bonded so can be separated using physical processes:


used to separate mixtures made up of liquids of different colours

1. draw a line using pencil near the bottom of a sheet of filter paper(pencil is insoluble so wont dissolve in the solvent)

2. spot the ink along the line and put the sheet in a beaker of solvent(solvent depends on what is being tested) make sure the ink doesnt touch the solvent so it doesnt get washed away

3. place lid on container to stop solvent evaporating

4. solvent will seep up paper carrying ink with it

5. dyes in the ink will separate out and form spots in different places(if a dye in an ink is insolube it will stay on the baseline)

6. when the solvent front is near the top of the paper take it out and draw a pencil line along it

7. the end result is called a chromatogram

there are at least as many substances in the mixture there are spots on the chromatogram


used to separate insoluble solids and liquids

1. place filter paper in a filter funnel and put it on the neck…


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