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David Hume's View

  • Miracles are Violations of the Laws of Nature (Hume)
  • Hume stated that Miracles are only know through testimonies of others, whereas the laws of nature are seen by all and are a constant that we experience
  • He argues that it is more likely for the testament to be wrong rather than our experience of natural laws
  • The only way Miracles could exist is if it would be more miraculous for the testament to be wrong than the miracle actually happening
  • Hume also argued that miracles tend to happen to 'Ignorant and Barbarous Peoples' and happen in uncivilised countries - their testimonies are uneducated and exaggerated
  • Hume argues that all religions claim to have miracles poiinting towards their God which would cancel each of them out
  • BUT - Hume does make sweeping generalisations and later describes natural laws as Psychological beliefs

Anthony Flew

  • Agrees with Hume - Jesus Walking on Water isn't true - Experience of the now tells us we


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